The Art of Carlos A. Mijares
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How long have you been doing this?
Some Frequently Asked Questions..
What is this type of art called?
​Yes, and a little talent of course. I cant have the paint take all the credit. 
It's ALL spray paint, although I do use other objects to manipulate the paint.
About 2 years so far.
Here in the states everyone calls it, "Spray Paint Art."
but down south they call it, "Aerosolgrafia."
I had 3 teachers Hugo Montero, Ricardo Ponce, and Sam Calvert.
All whom have been painting for years.
Is that ALL done with spray paint?
How did you learn how to do this?
How can I buy some of your art?
The easiest way is to come see me at the corner of Houston St. and Alamo Plaza in downtown San Antonio where I can make you a painting on the spot.
If that's not an option, email me at with a discription of what you want and I will gladly quote you a price and arrange to ship it to you.

If you didn't get to buy a painting from me, but you took a business card. I make every single one of them by hand. So thats a small piece of artwork from me to you.
Do you paint at events,fairs, or display artwork somewhere?
I do, It depends on what event or fair it is. If you'd like me to paint at your event or display my artwork at your establishment feel free to contact me for details.

Contact Us
If you have any pictures or videos of me painting that you'd like to share or have me put up. Please use the "contact" form to get in touch with me or feel free to send me the video link using facebook or twitter.